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Mr. James Carmichael Mr. James Carmichael
B.Med.Sci., B.M., B.S., M.Sc.,
F.R.C.S. Tr. Orth.
Consultant in Foot, Ankle and Knee Surgery
07714 625692 Mr. James Carmichael
Mr. Emyr Chowdhury Mr. Emyr Chowdhury
B.Sc.(Hon). MB.ChB. FRCSG. FRCS (Tr & Orth). M.Phil.
Hip and Knee, Arthroplasty and Knee Arthroscopy
07887 752550 Mr. Emyr Chowdhury
Mr. Rupert Clifton Mr. Rupert Clifton
MB ChB, MSc (Orth Eng), MRCS
(Eng), FRCS (Tr & Orth)
Consultant Knee Surgeon
07791 013034
01778 348138
Mr. Rupert Clifton
Mr. Richard Hartley Mr. Richard Hartley
BMedSci(Hons), BM, BS, FRCSEd, FRCSEd(Tr&Orth)
Consultant Knee Surgeon
01733 842309
07714 625692
Mr. Richard Hartley
Mr. Gideon Heinert Mr. Gideon Heinert
BAHons, BM, BCh, MA Oxon, DPhil, FRCSEd (Tr & Orth)
Knee Surgery
01733 261717 Mr. Gideon Heinert
Mr. Jonathan Jones Mr. Jonathan Jones
B Sc. MB ChB MRCGP FRCS Ed (Tr. & Orth.)
Hand & Wrist Surgeon
01733 261717 Mr. Jonathan Jones
Mr. Ravi Kamath Mr. Ravi Kamath
MB BS, MS (Orth)
FRCS (Tr & Orth)
Foot and Ankle
01733 842309
07714 625692
Mr. Ravi Kamath
Mr. Mark Latimer Mr. Mark Latimer
BA (Hons) MBBChir MA MEng MRCS (Eng) MRCS (Ed) FRCS (Tr & Orth)
Paediatric Orthopaedics Knee Surgery and Hip Arthroplasty
01733 842309 Mr. Mark Latimer
Mr. Araz Massraf Mr. Araz Massraf
(Tr &Orth)
Hip Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy, and Knee Arthroplasty
01733 842309
07714 625692
Mr. Araz Massraf
Mr. Andrew Mckee Mr. Andrew Mckee
BSc. MBBS, MRCS (Eng), FRCS (Tr and Orth)
Hand & Wrist Surgeon
07714 625692 Mr. Andrew Mckee
Mr. Andrew White Mr. Andrew White
MA Oxon MBBChir Cantab FRCS (Tr & Orth)
Upper Limb Surgery
07714 625692 Mr. Andrew White
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Mr. Araz Massraf
MBChB Hons, FRCSI, FRCS (Tr &Orth)
Hip Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy and Knee Arthroplasty

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Registration Details

  • Special Register with GMC
  • Member of British Orthopaedic Association
  • Member of Medical Protection Society
  • Member of British Hip Society
  • BMA Member


  • MB ChB Hons Medical Degree June 1988
    Medical School, University of Mosul, Iraq (The second largest University in Iraq)

  • MD Re-qualification, Nov 1992, Medical School, Vienna, Austria

  • FRCS (General) Ireland Nov 1996

  • FRCS (Ortho & Trauma) Cardiff May 2003

  • AO Trauma fellowship Germany Jan 2004

  • A-Level Serwan Secondary School, Iraq
    6 A-Levels, with honours Sep 1982


Current Appointment

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon (Substantive full time NHS) Since July 2004 working in Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals NHS Trust, Edith Cavell Hospital, Bretton Gate, Peterborough, PE3 9GZ &Capio Fitzwilliam Hospital and Linia Cromwell Hospital for private patients.

Special interest: Lower limb (Hips & Knees) primary and revision surgery, Sport injury, Hip arthroscopy and labral repair and hip resurfacing.

  • Peterborough City Hospital. (NHS)
  • Fitzwilliam Hospital (Private)

I have experience in independent medical reports since 2002.

Overseas Fellowships AO Trauma Fellowship

Jan 2004- Feb 2004, in Hanover, Germany. I did eight weeks AO fellowship in Hanover Trauma Centre (MHH)/ Germany. This fellowship sponsored by AO body and was under supervision of Prof. Dr. Uni. C. Krettek. Unfallchirurgische Med-Hochschule, MHH, Hanover, Germany.

Higher Orthopaedic Surgical TrainingJun 1998- Jun 2004 as a Specialist Registrar in Orthopaedics (West of Scotland Rotation, Glasgow, UK):

  • First Year
  • Revision Hip Arthroplasty& Hand surgery
    At Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow Ayr Hospital, Ayr, Scotland, six months each under supervision of Mr Peter Rae &Mr. David Allan

  • Second Year

    Spinal Surgery & Paediatrics Orthopaedics Surgery
    At Stobhill Hospital &Monkland Hospital, Scotland, six months each under supervision of Mr Owen Wheelwright & Miss Dian.Bramley

  • Third Year

    Knee sport surgery & Upper limb surgery
    At Southern General Hospital & Stirling Royal Infirmary,Scotland, six months each under supervision of Mr C.R. Walker & Mr Ian Ritchie.

  • Fourth Year

    General & Spinal Paediatric & Hip Surgery
    At The Royal Hospital for Sick Children & Western Infirmary, Glasgow, six months each under supervision of Mr D Sammon, Mr. Wilson & Mr Alistair Gray.

  • Fifth Year

    Brachial plexus surgery & Pelvic Surgery
    At Victoria Infirmary& Glasgow Royal Infirmary, six months each under supervision of Mr Tim Hems & Mr Mike Blyth.

  • Sixth Year

    Hand surgery and General Musculoskeletal Tumour
    Crosshouse Hospital & Kilmarnock Western Infirmary, Scotland, six months each under supervision of Mr Ian Mackay & Mr Mike Jain.

SHO III Orthopaedics Apr 1997- May 1998
Cheltenham General Hospital with Mr. J McKinnon team.

Basic Surgical Training (BST)
Aug 1994- Apr 1997

Senior House Officer Rotation, England, UK
Aug 1996- Apr 1997

Post fellowship SHO Orthopaedics
West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St Edmunds
Feb 1996- Aug 1996

SHO Orthopaedics
Wycombe General Hospital
High Wycombe
Mr A. Fernandez Feb 1995- Feb 1996

SHO Surgical Rotation
Hull Royal Infirmary, Six months in Urology with Mr.J.Heathrington.
Six months in Vascular &General surgery withMr. J Galloway.
Aug 1994- Feb 1995

SHO Accident and Emergency
Pilgrim Hospital, Boston
Mr. H Hassan
May 1994- Aug 1994

Long term Locum SHO Orthopaedic
Monkland& Bellshill Hospital
Mr. J Bell
Jan.1993- May.1994

I came to the UK and I worked as system programmer in the National Hospital of Neurosurgery before GMC registration for one month. My job was to code the diagnosis and enter the data to a PC system for research purpose.

I had my GMC registration through PLAB examination in March 1994. Later I obtained full registration.

Previous Overseas Appointments

Trauma Fellow in Austria
Nov 1991-Nov 1992

AllgemindKrankenhousHospital ,Vienna, Austria, Professor Ehringer.

I worked as an observer in the trauma centre as part of my medical re-qualification program in the Medical School, Vienna University, Austria.

Military Orthopaedic Surgeon
Aug1990- Mar 1991
Sulaymany Military Hospital, Kurdistan/ Iraq
Trauma & Orthopaedic Department, Major. M. Adele

After that I had to leave Iraq permanently because my life was in jeopardy

Overseas Senior House Officer Surgical Rotation

From Aug1989-Aug1990 in Medical City Baghdad, Iraq, I was doing General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, ENT, Surgery& Orthopaedics under supervision of Mr.G.Toma&Mr.G.Gafoor.
Aug 1988- Feb1989 doing

House Officer in Medicine - Medical City Baghdad, Dr.M.Salim

Orthopaedic Experience


In the UK, I obtained a good proficiency in safe operating theatre practice. Through my basic and higher surgical training, I learned current methods of, and recent advances in, fracture and orthopaedic management.

Having passed my intercollegiate examination, in January 2004 I did eight weeks AO trauma fellowship in the Trauma Centre in Hanover, Germany, under Prof Kettle. This is to consolidate my experience in trauma management and gain insights into this specialty elsewhere in Europe. Currently, I am working as full time Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeon in the UK NHS hospital doing trauma on call rota 1:8.

In Iraq, I completed the basic surgical rotation and during the first Gulf War (1990-91), I worked as a surgeon and acquired an ample experience in resuscitation and battlefield trauma management. During and following my escape from Iraq, I worked as a volunteer trauma surgeon for several months, operating on refugees with gunshot wounds and landmine injuries, and gaining extensive experience in surgery for traumatic amputation.


I learned and conducted high standard clinical and surgical management in each appointment. My skills and manual dexterity were developed as following:

Hip Surgery: I have been performing hip replacements, both primary and revisions, since 1996 and gaining experience in both cemented and uncemented prostheses and new hip resurfacing procedure for young patients. Also I developed an interest and a skill in arthroscopic hip surgery started with attending many courses and working with World well known hip surgeons.

Knee Surgery: I have been performing total knee replacements since 1996; both cemented and uncemented prostheses with various systems. I have considerable experience of using the unicompartmental, Patello-femoral replacement and developed skills in corrective and arthroscopic knee surgery. Currently I am about to use mini arthroplasty approach.

Paediatrics: In the UK, I started paediatric orthopaedics as an SHOIII in Cheltenham Hospital and continued for one year as a SpR in Monklands Hospital. However, my major paediatric experience came from the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow as anSpR. I had prior experience in Iraq, performing corrective surgery for neglected dysplastic hips.

Hand Surgery: I acquired supervised experience in trauma and cold orthopaedic hand, elbow and shoulder surgery. This included total joint arthroplasty, shoulder and elbow joints, tendon transfers and corrective hand surgery, together with shoulder, elbow and hand arthroscopies.

Spinal Surgery: Experience gained in Stobhill Hospital, where I learned the clinical management of back pain, performed a few laminectomies and assisted in some vertebral fusion procedures under supervision. I worked in paediatric spinal surgery unit as anSpR, assisted in corrective scoliosis surgery and worked in special clinics.

Musculoskeletal Oncology service: Currently working in this new unit, for my final six months of HST training.

Medico-Legal Work

In the UK, I obtained medico-legal experience since 2002 and attended many courses on writing medical reports and court cases. I have special interest in dealing with legal cases. I am doing



  1. Conservative treatment in Tarsal Coalition. MassrafAB..Published in British Journal of Podiatry. November 2002. This paper was retrospective study on the outcome of conservative treatment of Tarsal Coalition.

  2. Haemorrhagic Secondary Prostatic Metastasis Of The Terminal Bone Of The Thumb. Massraf AB and Wand J.
    Case report published in International Injury Journal, VOLUME 29. NUMBER 3.PAGE 243.April-1998. A case report was done in Cheltenham Hospital with Mr John Wand. We found secondary metastasis reached the terminal phalanx of dominant thumb and presented with sever haemorrhage.

  3. Oral Contraceptive Failure After Systemic Antibiotics Massraf AB and Hamid BH.. Review article published in Al-Seha monthly medical Journal Iraq, VOLUME. 223, PAGE16, Nov 1985.

  4. Catastrophic Failure Of An Uncemented Acetabular Componant AB Massraf and J McKinnon: Case report 1998.

  5. Extraskeletalchondroma as a cause of carpal tunnel syndrome: a case report.
    D Cumming, AMassraf, J W M Jones. Hand Surg. 2005 Dec ;10 (2-3):327-30 16568538 .

  6. Prosthetic femoral stem fracture with intact femur: A missed diagnosis. Anil Khanna, Mr A Massraf.

  7. Post-traumatic osteonecrosis of the distal tibia: Chakravarty/ Khanna/ Massraf. Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma, Peterborough Hospitals. Published in Injury Extra (2007) 38, 262-266.

  8. Cutaneous Sensory Loss Follwing Total Knee Arthroplasty Subermanian, Hakeem, A. Massraf. ActaOrthopaedicabelgica, ISSN 0001-6462, 2009 vol. 75 No.5, pp 649-653. It is a randomised prospective study was done in three hospitals around West of Scotland. We looked at the wound problems around the scar of primary knee Arthroplasty and looked for the causes and solutions of these problems in the future.

  9. Assessment Of A Diagnostic Questionnaire And Protocol For Management Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Mr T Hems, Miller, A Massraf. Journal of Hand surgery (European Volume) October 2009, Vol 34, No 5 pp 665-670.

We created a new system to guide clinician the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. This was a randomised prospective study with the aim of creating a new system to guide the clinician who will deal with the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Other Studies

  1. Hip arthroscopy audit A Massraf and A Gray.. Study in Western Infirmary Glasgow

  2. Dall-Miles Plate fixation outcome of periprosthetic fracture A Massraf and A Gray 2002.. Study in Western Infirmary Glasgow. A retrospective study was done in Western Infirmary Hospital in Glasgow with Mr AlisterGray in 2001

  3. Retrospective study on clinical and radiological outcome of Stracathro approach A Massraf and Mr I Ritchie hip replacement in Stirling Royal Infirmary

  4. Medial Talar Tubercle Fracture A. Massraf and Mr BJ Singh. A Case Report. In Monkland Hospital with Mr BJ Singh submitted to Injury Journal in 2000

  5. AB Massraf and J Bedford. THE BENEFITS OF PRE-ADMISSION CLINIC, West Suffolk Hospital. Audit by 1996

  6. AB Massraf and A Metha FOLLOW UP AFTER TRANSURETHRAL RESECTION OF PROSTATE. Hull Royal Infirmary.A retrospective study on best method of follow up of TURP patients. 1995

  7. Mr J Field and AMassraf and Y Grotter TRASYLOL STUDY OF TOTAL HIP REPLACMENT. A prospective project is to reveal the effect of Trasylol on reducing the bone marrow bleeding during cementing. Cheltenham Hospital

  8. Mr J Field, AB Massraf, ALangdown and S Cutts. VOLAR SPLINTING AFTER CARPAL TUNNEL SURGERY, as a pain control measure post operatively. In Cheltenham General Hospital. 1997

  9. Mr S Cutts, AB Massraf, M Henderson, and J McKinnon.FIBRE GLASS VERSUS PLASTER CASTS IN DISTAL RADIUS FRACTURES. Study on cost and benefits of these clinic’s

Presentations & Teaching Experience


  • Hip examinations techniques to Glasgow medical students. 2002
  • Knee examination –Introduction course for A&E and SHOs in Stirling Hospital, Scotland, 2001
  • Patellar mal-alignment power point with interactive facilities in the department meeting, 2001
  • Osteonecrosis in Stirling Hospital in the Department meeting, 2001
  • Septic arthritis in children. In the Royal Hospital of Sick Children, Glasgow, 2001
  • Malignant tumours in children / the Royal Hospital of Sick Children, Glasgow, 2001
  • Hip examination Technique for Glasgow University students in Southern General hospital, 2000
  • Subacromial impingement and Rotator Cuff Tear in Southern General Orthopaedic Meeting, 2000
  • Session on examination of back for students of Glasgow University / Glasgow Royal Hospital, 1999
  • Thrombosis Pathogeneses in the Regional Vascular Surgical meeting, vascular surgery meeting in Hull Royal Infirmary, 1996
  • Paediatric Acute Surgical Emergency. As a medical student in Mosul Medical School University conference, 1987

Audit & Research Presentation

  • Primary Total Replacement Hip Audit. Experience of two years in Western Royal Infirmary Audit meeting, 2002
  • Wound Problem after Total Knee Replacement. Southern General Hospital combined meeting, 1999
  • Table Position of Lumber Spine Surgery. As a regional survey presented in the Regional Combined Hospitals meeting. Cheltenham, 1997
  • Pre assessment clinics, waist of time? Presented in Suffolk Hospital, 1996

Other Teaching Experience

Throughout my Registrar posts I have regularly taught junior staff and medical Students. I have undertaken formal teaching sessions of fourth year medical students, covering Orthopaedic clinical examination methods and radiograph interpretation techniques.

I was anatomy demonstrator for two years in medical school.

Academic Achievements & Prizes

  • 1982            Honours achieved at A level
  • 1988            Silver medal medical school for finishing second rank over 235 students.

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